Ass. 3 – Online Participation

Assignment 3: Participating online

You can participate online both synchroneous and asynchroneous in several ways. Look here for ways of participating online. We encourage you to try out the different ways. To pass this assignment you will have to document participation in at least two different ways of participation. So please take a photo or a tiny video-snip e.g. with your mobile of something that document your presence. We will use that in our datavisualization later on 🙂

We hope to meet some of you in the LASI e-Room for the first morning session on Monday at 1800 Aalborg time. This gives anyone the chance to get together and during the webcasts you can:

  1. text chat with other online participants all around the world, which will be recorded and repayable as a backchannel to the webcast replays
2. post a question which may be picked up during the Q&A sessions Stanford attendees will be in the room watching out for questions) 

On the f2f workshop on Wednesday we will reflect on advantages & challenges in  the diverse ways of parcitipating.

lasi eRoom







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